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SMN Review

Well with a couple of us having had first hand personal experience of buying new cars using carwow, we were very keen to add them to our ever growing list of great ways to save money. We can certainly recommend them having saved small fortunes buying through them. Discount wise and from memory, one of the team bought a new car 3 years ago and saved around £3,250, with the other buying 4 months ago and saving £3,800. Now that is some hefty discount on the usual screen price, simply by going through carwow.

Buying the car at discount is actually the easy part really. The tricky part is deciding which car do you fancy buying.  What make, which  model,

discounted new cars carwow dog.jpg

what level of trim do you want to add. Then there's the argument with your partner over which colour is going to be nicer. Thankfully the process with carwow is so easy once you have decided on all that, it's a few clicks and you're sorted. 

All you do, is pop here to the 'new car buying page' on the carwow website. Click 'select a car', then select the model you require, petrol or diesel, manual or automatic, and you're off. Pretty quickly you have quotes coming in from 5 different main dealers. Knocking whopping amounts of the normal price of your new car, no haggling, no hassle, no awkward silences while the salesperson goes to check with the manager, none of that nonsense.

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Because carwow only use approved main dealers, you will always get the full UK manufacturers warranty on your new car. Or you could buy a pre registered model, which usually only have very low mileage. The warranty period on pre reg cars will have already begun though, so be mindful of that.

Both of our own SMN buyers ended up getting their closest carwow main dealer to match the price of the cheapest dealer. But the choice is all yours really, as the further away dealers can still usually arrange 

to have the car delivered to your home or work anyway. You can still take your car to be serviced or repaired at the local main dealer whether you bought the car through them or not, it's so simple.


If you want to, you can message the dealers to ask any questions you might have, before deciding to go ahead and purchase. We recommend getting the quotes on your car before going into the main dealer that way you are pre-armed with the best prices as soon as you get there. As is often the case with the sales people, they look so pleased to see you when you first arrive. When you let them know you got a quote from them through carwow, their faces tend to drop a little.

All the while you can be confident that you got a great price on a brand new car and you didn't even have the stress or awkwardness involved in having to haggle.

If you end up buying a new car through them, we want to know, drop us a message and then you can send us a picture with you and your brand new shiny car! We're so excited.