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Buying A Brand New Car

It's so exciting! Your gonna be buying a brand new car. So what can SMN do to help you? Show you where you can get enormous discounts, that will save you thousand's of pounds, that's what. How many cars are you gonna buy?? Aww, just one. Okay so we got a little over excited, but it's so much fun saving big money.


new car price discounts carwow.png

You can read our full detailed review on carwow here. Some of us here at SMN know the carwow service very well, and what they can achieve in terms of huge savings on buying a new car. Their average discount is £3,600 off the manufacturers retail price. Yep you read that right. That's a price from a main dealer on a brand new car with the usual full UK warranty. Quite frankly it's amazing. All you do is select the make, model and any extras you want your car to have, then carwow send your request out to main dealers across the UK who all try and compete to offer you the cheapest price, saving you thousands in the process.