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Compare Car Breakdown Cover - Check out the best providers and prices.

There's not much more annoying than when your car breaks down. Grrr... Having breakdown cover softens the blow considerably. Thankfully it's generally relatively cheap, and means you can ring up and have someone out to fix or recover your car without the major cost of trying to arrange recovery yourself. With some providers in certain circumstances, even if you don't already have a policy, you can still ring them and they may offer immediate cover, although obviously they will charge something extra for this.

Car Breakdown Cover

RAC Car breakdown cover.jpg

Without doubt one of the top providers are the RAC. It's been in business since 1897. They have around 2,000 patrols and they can normally fix 4 out 5 vehicles at the roadside. They have several different cover levels and you can choose to pay either monthly or annually. If you can afford it go for the annual option as it's usually cheaper. 


The AA are one of the UK's most recognised brands. There's something about the company that gives you confidence so you know you can count on them. They have the largest number of patrols, at around 4,500, offering a priority service to those in a vulnerable situation. Being a member comes with several additional benefits including money off with other companies, as well as potential discounts on other AA services if you become a member. SMN feel that the AA are brand leaders.

the AA car breakdown cover.jpg