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We really think this utility company is a great step forward. They are doing things a bit differently to the big 6 energy companies, in fact, they seem to be quite different from pretty much all the power suppliers in the UK.

How, you might ask? Well firstly and importantly for our planet, the energy they supply is from renewable and offset sources. Their electric is from 100% renewable sources, and their gas is 100% carbon offset. They make it clear, no fracking, no shale, no nuclear power. 

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Secondly, they sell their power to the customer at wholesale prices. This means that their prices are really low, so not only are you going green and helping the environment you're saving money while doing it. 


Thirdly Pure Planet have no call centres (one of the SMN Team's biggest bugbears), so no being on hold for 45 minutes or more, and then being abruptly cut off! Everything including meter readings can be done through their very simple to use app. We are not just guessing the app's simplicity, we have actually tried it out.


We also had a good look at their reviews, and quite frankly they were great. On top of all that, at the moment if you get a quote using the SMN website and then you sign up*, they will give you a free £25 Amazon voucher to say hello and thank you. 


What's not to love about these guys huh? It seems like a no brainer to us. That's why we made Pure Planet our very first tip when we launched SMN.

SMN Review

*Offer is subject to Pure Planet's agreement, and can be withdrawn at any time.