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I Wish I'd Known That Sooner

There are certain things in life where you think to yourself how the heck did I not know about that, or how did I survive without this? We have compiled a list of things which we think might just fit that category.

Henry Vacuum Cleaner


Now this little beauty is amazeballs. You might at first think, "eh what?" But Henry in our opinion beats all the fancy bagless vacuum cleaners hands down for a few reasons.

Firstly no more of those annoying filters to be constantly checking and emptying and washing and

replacing! Okay it does have a bag, but its big, and doesn't need emptying very often. Secondly Henry has great suction, he is a workhorse, that's why hotels, builders and office cleaners love using him. Thirdly obviously Henry isn't a fancy new fangled cordless type vacuum, he's actually better than that, because he doesn't need charging every 25 minutes and without wishing to brag on his behalf, he has a rather enormous plug cable, it's over 12 meters long. The final benefit is the amazing price of this thing, generally to be had at around the £125 mark. You can also purchase a 'Hetty', in a fabulous pink colour.

design and is whisper quiet to use. You can adjust the time it runs for up to 12 hours. You can also adjust the mist volume between high and low settings. It can be used with a wide range of amazing essential oils, filling your home with lovely fragrances to help you relax, sleep, reduce dryness and remove odours. The one that we have selected here has a good size reservoir, which holds up to 400ml of water. It also auto shuts off when the water is empty. Maybe it's time to treat yourself, plus it's also great to give to someone as a gift.

                             Don't forget to add the ArtNaturals Essential Oil Set.

KINGA Aroma Diffuser and Cooling Mist Humidifier


Time to relax. Feel at peace with the world. Or err..... in our case just fall asleep! This diffuser has a lovely

drink more, as sometimes it can be tricky to get pets to drink enough water during the day. This product gives them clean fresh drinking water in large supply, and keeps them coming back for more. Many pets prefer to drink from running water, rather than just a still bowl. It runs on power but thankfully it's very quiet while running, and uses hardly any electricity. Judging by it's fantastic reviews, pet's everywhere are loving it.

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain


This is quite frankly a super idea for cat's and small dogs. An indoor fountain that encourages your pet to 

They also do a larger one for dogs too.

TP-Link TL-WPA9610KIT Wi-Fi Powerline Adapter


Yes it's name is a bit of a mouthful but what it does is to perform a magic trick on your homes internet signal. Simply plug and play, no configuration required, job done! Now your home can receive a signal in

places it struggled or couldn't get any WiFi before. Plug it in and it simply sends the internet via your electrical wiring. It allows you to connect all your homes devices at the same time by WiFi and/or Ethernet cables. It's transfer speeds are super fast too. No more need to have dead WiFi spots in your home. This really can make an incredible difference for those of us that have always struggled to connect in certain areas of our house. We've tested range extenders in the past, but in our opinion this is a much better option.

Crenova Phone Camera Lens Kit


Now this is an ace add-on for your phone to improve it's camera. We love this one. It has a 0.45x wide

angle lens, and a HD 128° super wide angle 20X macro lens. It's cheap, so cheap really when you think about the extra range it can give to your phone camera's photos. It also helps to reduce glass flare and distortion in your pictures. It's supplied in a neat compact carrying case, has a cleaning cloth and protective lens caps. Just clip it on to your phone when you need to use it and you're ready to go.

Let us know if you have any products you couldn't do without?